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Indulge without the guilt.

These snacks are for those who don't like to reach for the "healthy" granola bars that tend to disappoint when satisfying a sweet-tooth. As many know, dark chocolate has many health benefits and fruits have natural sugars. Therefore, TruDip allows people to indulge in these yummy healthy snacks.

Class Assignment + Self-Study

Featured in the annual 2D/3D Juried Art Exhibition 2018


Designing the packages had a lot of factors to consider such as ease of use, visual identity and establishing a story with the brand. I knew I wanted to incorporate the brand to have an environmental cause. I researched on what Fair Trade was and how they support workers who harvest the produce. Therefore, I wanted to have fruits as a main component. My intent for the visual aspect was to illustrate the fruits being dipped in chocolate so it can easily be identified to the audience what kind of produce is in the container.

Visual Identity

Establishing the natural/organic theme for this brand was simply using colors that represent that. What was challenging was figuring out the font pairing that would communicate the voice of the brand. I wanted to communicate "good quality" and "trustworthy". I chose to incorporate a script font to balance out the curvature and playful aspect from the logo but keeping the sophistication I was looking for.


Sketching out the designs beforehand really helped to develop the prototypes. I used inspiration from existing dielines to customize my designs. I had gathered plenty of feedback on the older prototypes but I felt they looked similar to exsisting packaging. The images you see are protoypes with the product inside. I was lucky to find chocolate bars with real fruit pieces which allowed me to work with full-scale items. For the others, I hand-dipped the friut pieces and adjusted the sizes as needed.

Thank You!

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