Email Newsletters

Anouncing new products.

The goal here is to present Pulp Pantry's three new flavors in their product line and introduce the passionate team members. I was able to learn how to navigate through Mail Chimp and layout the newsletters to send out to subscribed customers.

Summer Internship

Pulp Pantry Co-Founder, Kaitlin Mogentale
Pulp Pantry-unknown

Newsletter Design # 2

For this newsletter, we wanted to showcase and educate our audience to the ingredients Pulp Pantry uses in their products. This enables trust and transparency to the consumer. Below are two versions/draft of the email. (The final newsletter was not published due to re-branding period).



In the process of rebranding Pulp Pantry, I was able to create temporary labels for the new products they would introduce to a test group (the icons were provided).

Thank You!

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