Design Portfolio

Creating Flavors in Design

Pulp Pantry

Product & E-mail Newsletter Design

During the summer, I interned remotely with Pulp Pantry as graphic designer. I designed email newsletters to announce new products In addtion, I helped find influencers to collaborate on Instagram to promote our products. 

Director's Cut


This fictional restaurant creates a unique atmosphere where both foodies and film enthusiasts come together to get a cinematic culinary experience. Inspired by a variety of films, and the love of food brought together the Director’s Cut brand identity.


Product & Digital Design

For those who struggle with managing your wild hair that seems to have a mind of its own. Medusa Hair Care is a fictional brand that celebrates different hair types by nourishing and treating frizzy, damaged hair with natural oils. This project consist of package design and a POP for the products.


Amazon Product Design & Infographics

The goal for this project it to stand out from the competitors who are selling similar products on Amazon. To achieve that, the product would include an educational element to allow the child or customer to interact with the blanket.

Mad Tea Party Madness

Poster design & social Media Marketing assets

A free annual event hosted by ASI B.E.A.T has created an Alice and Wonderland tea party inspired night for students to come out to unwind and have some fun before studying hard for finals week.

Go Campus

UX/UI Design

For students who want to make the most out of the college experience. The GoCampus App will allow students to see all the free upcoming events being offered on-campus. 


Product Design

These snacks are for those who don't like to reach for the "healthy" granola bars that tend to disappoint when satisfying a sweet-tooth. As many know, dark chocolate has many health benefits and fruits have natural sugars. Therefore, TruDip allows people to indulge in these yummy healthy snacks.

Cal Poly Pomona Associated Students Inc.

Marketing Collateral, Poster design and Merchendise

A collection of projects worked on while attending Cal Poly Pomona as a student. Managed marketing assets such as print and social media assets for events hosted exclusively on campus.

Mindful Living

Motion Graphics

Spreading awareness to live a more sustainable lifestyle by using the 5 Rs (recycle, reuse, reduce, refuse, and rot). 

Japanese Film Festival

Print Design

The Japanese Film Festival invites the people of L.A to celebrate the cinematic creations from the Japanese American culture in Little Tokyo.

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