Case Study

Tame the Beast.

For those who struggle with managing your wild hair that seems to have a mind of its own. Medusa Hair Care is a fictional brand that celebrates different hair types by nourishing and treating frizzy, damaged hair with natural oils. This project consist of package design and a POP for the products. The website is an addition that would allow customers to make purchases.

Class Assignment + Self-Study

Featured in the annual 2D/3D 2018 Juried Art Exhibition at Cal Poly Pomona


I came up with the concept of using Medusa as an inspiration of her snake-like hair and how I resonated that with my curly hair that I find it difficult to manage at times. I researched the community of women who struggle with their hair as well and I found that females with all hair types struggle with maintaining their hair looking healthy. Therefore, I saw a great opportunity to incorporate the snakes as the star factor to the brand identity.

I started sketching up two popular hair products that are often used to nourish hair: hair oils and hair masks.

Brand Style

Snakes are often a common fear for people. This was one of the challenges I had to figure out if I wanted to communicate my concept to the target audience. I noticed that snakes are often perceived with the color green as an "villainous" color, so that was one color I would stay away from. I thought of the Greek Mythological characters to have an elegant style such as marble and stone structures and golden artifacts. I used those elements as the main materials to be used in the packaging. 

When I went to look for materials for the packaging structures, I came across a shiny grey textured paper that resembled hammered steel shaped like scales. I used this textured paper as the base for the bottom portion of the packaging. The pink was a main factor in the color palette. Many products on the shelf are not as colorful or bold as the design I have created. I attempted to gold foil the logo and the header on the labels as well as emboss the snake silhouette to give a great first impression.


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