Case Study

Japanese Film Festival.

The Japanese Film Festival invites the people of L.A to celebrate the cinematic creations from the Japanese American culture in Little Tokyo. This fictional festival has fun giveaways such as popcorn, buttons and chopsticks for each guest. The accordion-fold brochure is a guide for guests to use which includes a map, an itinerary of screenings and food trucks available.

Class Assignment + Self-Study

Featured in the annual 2D/3D Juried Art Exhibition 2018

Concept Research


I chose to do a Japanese film fest because I am inspired by the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom during the spring and the amount of creativity and imagination the culture has. This was my style incorporated by the elements that I have collected from online as well as some of the animations that many come to love such as 'Spirited Away'. I wanted the colors to reflect the blossoms and peace (inspired by Japanese gardens) to be inviting to everyonr. 

Poster Design

It was difficult to figure out how I would best represent this concept. When I gathered the items that I was inspired by, I descided to create a collage set with mountains in the bacground to resemble California and the famous Mt. Fuji. I made the film strip to mimic a path towards the iconic structure at Little Tokyo. The dragon on top of the composition is the dragon charcter from the animation "Spirited Away" (one of the screenings at the event).

All illustrations were created on Adobe illustrator by using textured brushes and vectored shapes.


While thinking about the kind of items that should be given out in a festival like this one it was obvious that popcorn would be a perfect pairing. I created a dieline of a pouch-like box that would be easy to close and open during the event. As a fun touch, I created a window in the shape of a circle to look like the sun is behind Mt. Fuji. You may also notice that on some of the banners on the packagining, I used a ticket shape to frame the headers.

I also had come up with items that guest would be able to take home after the event as a souvenir. Creating a button collection would be a fun way to collect and trade with people; which can encourage people to interact. Since there would be plenty of Japanese cuisines at the heart of Little Tokyo, reusable chopsticks for the event would be great for people of every ethnicity to try instead of using single-use plastics.

Brochure Design

I took this opportunity to come up with something creative for the brochure. I wanted this brochure to be a piece of art that people would take home and use it to help navigate the event. When I searched for inspiration online, I realized that I can bring my poster to life! Creating this was quite challenging. It took many prototypes and adjustments on the composition to be able to create a double-sided, hand-cut accordian brochure. On one side, you can locate the map of the event, food trucks and a brief of the event. On the other, you will see the list of screenings shown during the event and the lineup of guest speakers/special guests.

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