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This fictional restaurant creates a unique atmosphere where both foodies and film enthusiasts come together to get a cinematic culinary experience. Inspired by a variety of films, and the love of food brought together the Director’s Cut brand identity.

Class Assignment + Self-Study

Featured in the annual 2D/3D Juried Art Exhibition & the 2017 Adobe Design Achievement Awards
Alex Estrada


I was given the opportunity to develop my own fictional restaurant. This made it a bit challenging to come up with something unique but after having conversations with my peers, I realized it would be great if there was a place that will inspire and excite people from all over the world to come and indulge in foods inspired by famous films! There were many possibilities for logo concepts. As you can see in the sketches, I used common visual elements to describe the word film and eating.  I also had a difficult time coming up with a brand name that would best describe the concept until someone gave me the idea for "Director's Cut"; It was the perfect name! 

When it came to choosing the final logo, I was indecisive to choose one but with the feedback from my peers, it was clear that the circular one was the clearest and straight forward logotype.


After figuring out the logo design, the development of the style guide for this brand became easier since I already knew I wanted to visually emulate the theater environment. The burgundy/red color represents the well-known red carpet. For the design of the stationery, I kept a classic design.


Potentially these materials would be sold in the restaurant's gift shop. The idea is to encourage customers to cook at home by trying out our spices and sauce collection.  The Spice collection contains four different yet universal spices that can be used in a variety of recipes. The Sauce collection is labeled with playful names for each flavor, inspired by the film itself. 

It was challenging to figure out what kind of packaging to use for items that would make sense to sell at a gift store/kitchen. At first, I actually designed labels for beer bottles to act like sauce but then I realized that it did not make sense. I figured costumers would be able to use spices and sauces to make their own creations at home, which goes with the mission of this brand. From there, I used the logo and the film wheel to come up with a visual connection for these products.

Brochure Design

This brochure shows a quick preview of what to expect in the restaurant and the facilities that take place in the restaurant.

One of the challenges was trying to emulate the reality of the restaurant with photos, but with the help of Alex (the photographer I collaborated with), I was able to capture dynamic flat lay photos that I was able to art direct with items around the house. I also made it a mission to photograph some students in a cooking class to capture the kitchen scenes. 

Website Design

The Director's Cut website allows the customer to make reservations online and purchase merchandise. They can also subscribe to the newsletter to get updates on the new theme for the menu.

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