Case Study

Cuddle and Learn.

The goal for this project it to stand out from the competitors who are selling similar products on Amazon. To achieve that, the product would include an educational element to allow the child or customer to interact with the blanket.

Freelance project

Studio Photography, (Unknown)


Designing the product had a lot of factors to consider such as pattern design and use of the design for the information card. Once we had agreed on a concept, I started to sketch out the top 5 dinosaurs and 3 less popular dinosaurs that would be featured. In addition, we had to research each dinosaur and create a stylistic and kid-friendly characters for each.

Pattern Samples

Information Guide

The client and I brainstormed of a couple ways to make this product have an educational element to help stand out from competitors. Our final idea resulted in making an information guide that will have fun facts about each of the dinosaurs featured on the blanket. Since we wanted to keep the theme of "glow in the dark", I used a neon green to represent the glow and a dark background with a rounded path. Each major era (Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretatious era) are sectioned off on each section of path as well as each dinosaur from each era are grouped.

One of the biggest challenge was working with the manufactures from China. We had a lot of back and forth communictaion and edits to the patterns that it resulted to extend the time that was expected to complete this project (before Chinese New Year).

Amazon Product Launch

After recieving the professional product photos, I was responsible to create the Amazon infographics that will be displayed on the listing. The client's brand has a wave shape that is consistantly used on his other products so I incorporated the colors of this product to allow consistancy.

The final results were just how we had hoped. The glow technology on the blanket was quite impressive and super soft. If you would like to purchase this cool blanket for yourself or as a gift, click on the button below.

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