About Me

Designer, Illustrator & Foodie

I am a Graphic Designer based in Los Angeles with a focus on brand design and illustration. When I am not sitting in front of a computer, I am probably eating out or drinking boba tea. If not, then you may find me admiring the packaging in HomeGoods. I'm an avid learner and like to collaborate with others to gather ideas and to support one another. 

When it comes to finding solutions to problems, I like to visualize myself in the person's shoes to get a better understanding of what they might be looking for, what their beliefs are, and/or how they might interact or perceive the situation. My goal now is to find a creative agency in Los Angeles where teamwork is essential and provides a limitless amount of opportunities to grow personally and as a professional. I believe that every ingredient plays a part to complete a recipe; just like a team needs every indiviual to create an amazing project.

Are you interested in working with me? Wanna see my experience, skills and more? Click here to view my resume.