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For students who wants to make to most out of the college experience. The GoCampus app will allow students to see all the free upcoming events being offered on-campus. Unlike posters and word of-mouth, it allows all students to easily be informed and remind them about the great opportunities being offered.


GoCampus helps students like you be aware of all the fun campus events in a  just a click!

Save and set reminders on the events you are interested in.

Let your friends know and have them join you. Chat, share and set up a meet-up location.

Don't know the location? Use the map feature to easily find your way to the event and to your friends!


Look through and filter out different events such as socials, athletics, special lectures or cultural events. Filter them out based on themes, perks and your time!


Add your friends to the events you both would like to go to and set up a meeting location on the built in map. you would be able to see where they are on campus and find which building the event is located at.


Your events would be saved on the GoCampus Calendar so you can see what is coming up. You can also set reminders for each event.

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